Do Not Fear Bacon or the Nitrates!

Post Date: November 4th, 2012

You hear a lot of bad things about bacon and the nitrates and nitrites it contains. I eat a fair amount of bacon myself and have started eating even more after reading the article I have posted below. 

My main problem with bacon is that most of it comes from factory farmed pigs who are far from healthy. I like to eat my meat from healthy, happy animals. I buy pasture raised bacon sometimes but it gets very expensive and is hard to come by. As for the nitrates they use to preserve the bacon, I always wondered about them.

First of all, celery is very good for you and it contains a lot of nitrates, they even preserve some more 'natural' bacon with celery. The other thing that made me wonder was several years ago after my Dad had a minor heart attack, his Doctor gave him nitrate pills. He was told as long as he took them regularly he would be fine. So nitrates are bad for you, but if you have had a heart attack they are good for you? Something is missing here…..

Chris Kresser has written an article explaining it all and letting us know that we do not need to fear bacon or its nitrates and nitrites. In it he says:

the study that originally connected nitrates with cancer risk and caused the scare in the first place has since been discredited after being subjected to a peer review. There have been major reviews of the scientific literature that found no link between nitrates or nitrites and human cancers, or even evidence to suggest that they may be carcinogenic.

It may shock you to learn that one serving of arugula, two servings of butter lettuce, and four servings of celery or beets all have more nitrite than 467 hot dogs. 

Here is the article from Chris Kresser:


The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another Reason not to Fear Bacon

Best of Health and don't fear the bacon!



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